Hi !
Here is another micro:bit project.
This time I’ve made a project that can drive my raceway.

Everyone know that it can be very boring to race against yourself, but what if your micro:bit could race against you, or you can try how fast it is possible to drive your raceway.DSC_0055.JPG

All you need is your micro:bit, a transistor (you must find a transistor that is strong enough) two resistors, a raceway, something to connect the micro:bit to the raceway,

The electric circuit:bilbanekrets1_2017-05-07_18-19-50

My first attempt was to copy the example from the kitronik inventor’s kit that shows how to control a motor from the micro:bit. First it looked ok, but the raceway was to demanding and the transistor blew up…

In my second attempt I used two transistors, and bilbanekrets2one of them could deliver more power.

The first code:

Let the micro:bit control the motor speed with the command analog write pin p0 to “?”

Try to make a program with this two parts:

  1. On button A pressed change speed by “?”
  2. On button B pressed change speed by “-?”

If you use this code you can control the raceway like you do with your controllers

Another code:

Try to let the micro:bit drive all alonecommandsBB

  1. Start on button A pressed.
  2. Set the speed and how long it should drive before you change the speed.
    • analog write pin p0 to “?”
    • pause (ms) “?”
  3. if you want you can also add a graph that show how fast you drive.
    • plot bar graph of “speed” up to ” max speed”

See how fast you can drive.

2 thoughts on “The micro:bit driver

  1. A huge congratulation to you! This is a great project that I have a lot of interest in as a teacher. I would love to see you map out the course and calculate the maximum speeds you can do! Keep up the fantastic work, there is a future for you developing self-driving cars!

    Check out these university projects. They might seem a little daunting to begin but I am certain someone of your capabilities will understand.


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