Have you ever looked at modern art and thought you could do better?
Then this project is perfect for you.

In this project I will show you how to make living art, that make patterns based on sound waves. All you need is your micro:bit, a speaker, cling film, cornstarch and water.


  1. Mix cornstarch and water.DSC_0065
    I use a Norwegian product called Maizena. It is difficult to find the perfect mixture, I had to experiment a lot. Try to make a mixture that looks like milk but gives some resistance when you stir it.
  2. Connect the speaker to the micro:bit.
    Cover it whit cling film to protect the speaker.
  3. Put some cornstarch-water-mixture on the top of the speaker, and play some tones.

The code:

  1. Try to find a the best frequency, play it whit this command.
  2.  To fint the frequency it can be a good idea to use the program bellow.
    By pressing A you increase the frequency, and B will decrease the frequency.


  • Test different frequencies to see different patterns.
  • Test different amount of water in the mixture.
  • Test different size and shapes to see different patterns.
  • Try the difference between a perfect circle and other shapes.

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